Brett A. Carter, Esq.

Brett A. Carter, Esq.
Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith
Personal Injury

Brett CarterWhen friends ask you to describe the type of law you practice, what do you tell them?
For someone who wants a real, thoughtful explanation of what I do, I say that my team and I give a voice to those who can’t be heard in our community, and who have been wronged by someone or something dangerous that needs to be held accountable (and be fixed), so no one gets seriously hurt again.

I am blessed to do good. My firm gives those who have been damaged a slingshot so Goliath can’t win. It starts with listening; followed by caring and knowing what to do; and working your tail off to make it happen. This might sound corny, but if you don’t believe it, you can’t live it.

Looking back at your legal accomplishments in 2016, what case or outcome are you particularly proud of?
I’m not going to lie: If you’re a competitive person, it’s really hard not to fight hard as hell until you feel there will be no regrets. That look from the client (and hopefully a hug) is why you undertook the oath to be a plaintiff’s attorney. Our judicial system remains often unfair and court proceedings resemble theatre; but if you claw, scrape and battle for the right reasons, you’ve accomplished something grand. You’ve stood up.

My clients are so incredibly brave. They have to be. This past year represented my 20th year of law practice, and from the little to the large, easy to the hard, this past year was special because the fire still burns hot. There’s not one case. There’s never one case.

What are your hopes professionally and personally for 2017?
Professionally, I hope to be at my clients’ sides through it all. Personally, I hope to be at my family’s side through it all. We’re all in this together.

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