Glenn Truitt, Esq.

Glenn TruittGlenn Truitt, Esq.

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What makes your law firm different from others?

We have a substantial non-legal component. We are a law firm, a financial firm and a strategy firm. So, by taking a comprehensive approach to health care, we’re able to service local health care professionals in a way that a lot of other firms can’t. It’s holistic. We take those [various professional disciplines] and smash them together and do something that’s creative and innovative.

What was your professional highlight of 2016?

We undertook an effort with a local surgery center. It was a rescue operation. n late 2015, we got it and we jumped in. We were not only able to save [the surgery center] from bankruptcy but we also generated a 25 percent overall increase. We helped professionalize the operation and demonstrate what my firm is capable of doing with the largest surgery center in the valley, which was exciting.

What is the most common advice you give to clients or potential clients?

Just like doctors say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s really true in health care and medicine. I’d like to help more doctors plan for the future, instead of playing cleanup. It’s getting harder every year to be a successful physician, so it’s important [for all of us] that we protect and encourage our physicians to do well. Part of that is teaching them how to be good at business.

What sort of professional changes do you anticipate in 2017?

I think Medicare will expand and continue to expand. That means doctors who participate in Medicare are really going to have to ramp up their compliance effort. I really want to reach out to the medical community and impress upon them the importance of compliance with big rules. Even if these things don’t seem like they touch your life yet, they’re about to. I’d like to do more proactive work for physicians.

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