Peter Bellon, Esq.

Peter BellonPeter Bellon, Esq.

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Family Law

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You’re well known in Las Vegas as a family law attorney. Is that the bulk of your practice?

Basically, I practice mostly family law right now, including divorce and child custody. I started as a criminal defense attorney and it just naturally rolled into this. It’s about 95 percent of my practice right now.

Looking back at 2016, is there some work you are proud of in particular?

It’s probably the pro bono work that I do. (I’ve gotten awards for it in the past.) It’s our way to give back. You find people who are desperately in need of an attorney. That’s always been the most rewarding part of the practice: the pro bono work. It’s because of those situations [where I can help people] that I’m not burned out and not thinking of retirement.

Looking forward to 2017, is there anything different you’d like to do?

[Retired Judge] Jackie Glass and her husband, District Attorney Steve Wolfson, are good friends of mine. I’ve talked with her about mediation. She’s been doing a lot of mediation lately and I think I might be useful in that capacity. I’d like to be a voice of reason in trying to settle things, instead of strictly arguing for one side. I’d like to take my practice to 50 percent resolution or mediation, and put my name out there for other attorneys to use me.

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