Weed Tours

Vegas Legal Magazine talks about Project Weed Tours in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special Guests: John Mueller owner of Acres Cannabis & Michael Stevens owner of Highway Tours.

Clarkson Law Group – HOA’s

Vegas Legal Magazine sits down with Adam Clarkson of the Clarkson Law Group to discuss HOA’s.

Recreational Marijuana

VLM discusses the cannabis industry with Neal Gidvani, Senior Counsel in the Financial Services and Cannabis Law practices at Greenspoon Marder.

Full Micropigmentation

The U.S. v $167,000.00

We shine light on an issue where cash can become guilty even when the person holding it isn’t.

Special Guest: Vincent Savarese III

Honorable Donald M. Mosley

Plastic Surgery

VLM sits down with one of the best plastic surgeons on the West Coast, Dr. Julio Garcia.

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Eva Garcia-Mendoza, Esq. joins Vegas Legal Magazine to discuss one of the most controversial topics in law, immigration.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

Vegas Legal Magazine Sits Down With Dr. Mel Pohl of Las Vegas Recovery Center

DUI Cases

We talk with John G. Watkins, Esq., and discuss DUI cases and particularly those concerning marijuana.

Firms Going Big

Firms Going Big: Dallas Horton – Risks & Realities Of Growing A Law Practice

The Meyers Fatal Night

We talk with Bob Meyers about the fatal night he lost his wife Tammy Meyers and the media nightmare that follows him to this day. #vegaslegalmagazine #law #media #podcast #news #vegas

Richard Harris, Esq.

Interview with guests Richard Harris, Esq., and Samantha Chian. We discuss The Spirit of Nevada and all the great news stories they have brought to our state. Great coversation about the great charitable things going on in our community. #Vegas #Podcast #Charity#vegaslegalmagazine


Special Guest Doug Crawford, Esq. We talk gambling addiction and the addiction diversion program in Nevada. Mr. Crawford has an incredible story about his battle with addiction and his incredible recovery. #gambling#addiction #lawyerlife #vegas #vegaslegalmagazine

Developer Rich MacDonald

Facebook Class Action Law Suit

February 16, 2017

VLM sits down with Robert Eglet, Esq. to discuss Facebook and Class Action Law Suit

Healthcare and the Law

VLM sits down with iDeal Business Partners to discuss the intricacies of buying and selling healthcare practices; the future of the Affordable Care Act; and what attorneys need to know about HIPAA

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Mega Firm, Football Folly and Weed

January 26, 2017

VLM sits down with attorney Terry Coffing, Esq. to discuss the fate of large law firms in Las Vegas; the hurdles in financing the new Raiders Stadium; and the state of the marijuana industry in Nevada.

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