Robert Eglet, Esq.

Robert EgletRobert Eglet, Esq.

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This past year went by so quickly. Is there a professional accomplishment of yours that stands out?
Last year we filed two class-action lawsuits involving Xerox and the Affordable Care Act in Nevada representing thousands of consumers and about a thousand brokers. We were able to get those successfully resolved. I was very pleased with how those turned out for the consumers. I was especially pleased with how attorneys on both sides worked together to try to make sure that people were taken care of properly and that that was the top priority.

You’ve been politically active since college. Was politics a big focus of your life this past year?
This year, I spent a great deal of time trying to help legislators and future legislators get elected [and deepen their] understanding of the issues that lawyers and consumers face in Nevada. I’m a Democrat, but I tend to be very bipartisan on a lot of issues. I will support good Republicans (including one of my partners) and I will support people who are willing to work together, whatever their political affiliation. When I was in college I worked on Senator Howard Cannon’s re-election campaign walking door to door. Now that I’m in a position to be able to spend more time and resources on candidates, I will continue to host events for candidates from both parties.

What are your goals in the year ahead as a working attorney?
We are going to continue to work very hard in the courtroom and try cases. That’s what we do here: We try cases. I’ve been speaking to various trial groups around the country about an article I wrote for Vegas Legal Magazine about the alarming disappearance of jury trials, not just in Nevada but also around the country. The diminishing number of jury trials has grave ramifications for our justice system in America. I intend to speak more about that, write more about that and engage more about that.

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