Tyler Morgan

2017 Legal Excellence Awards

September 6, 2017

Vegas Legal Magazines 2017 Legal Excellence Awards CLICK HERE TO VOTE: Vegas Legal Magazine is hosting its second annual Legal [...]

Super Priority, Supreme Court?

July 17, 2017

-By J. Malcolm DeVoy, Esq. Recently, the Nevada Supreme Court and United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (the “Ninth Circuit”) reached opposing conclusions [...]

Acute Trauma: An Imaging Perspective

July 17, 2017

-By Travis Snyder, DO Distinguishing acute trauma from pre-existing degenerative changes (changes of aging) and other pathologic processes during medical imaging is essential [...]

Straight Outta Marriage

July 17, 2017

-By Nedda Ghandi, Esq. It may seem odd at first to learn many divorce attorneys are recommending their clients choose private mediation rather than trial in family court. [...]

Court of Public Opinion

July 17, 2017

-By Mark Fierro It’s a case that has become known as the “Smoke Shop Shooting.” Many of us first heard about the case involving a young man who was clerking at a Las [...]

The ABC’s Of The MSO

July 17, 2017

-By Glenn H. Truitt, Esq., & Malvika Rawal, Ph.D, JD Chances are, if you’re in private practice, you’ve heard of Management (or Dental) Services Organizations, or [...]

Partially Disabling Injuries

July 17, 2017

-By Stan V. Smith, PhD with Kyle Lauterhahn Assessing the partial loss when an injured plaintiff can still continue to work in the future in “some reduced capacity” [...]

Judge Douglas Smith

July 17, 2017

In this edition of Meet The Incumbent, we interview Judge Douglas E. Smith of the Eighth Juducial District Court. Hard work and dedication are words many use to describe [...]
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