These Apps Are Must Have For The Business Savvy
-By Tom Joseph


Whether you manage a business or just a generally hectic lifestyle, time seems to always run short and staying productive becomes a daily battle. Thankfully, the surge of App development has brought us some great Apps for helping you stay organized, focus and on track with tasks and goals. Take a look at these Apps and let technology ease some of the daily burden on your shoulders.

Manage Projects With Basecamp:

Basecamp is a well-known project management app that allows multiple users to collaborate in completing projects. You can create multiple projects with individual project files and assign tasks to various users all while keeping communication logged and organized in one place. Think board room meetings and presentations all while not having to actually attend the in-person board room presentation– just a glimpse at your phone will suffice. Basecamp keeps everyone updated and on point, so a project can reach its goal without having to constantly face each person to keep up on project status.

Stay Organized With Evernote:

Do you hate writing down your grocery list or having to set alarm clock reminders for errands you need to get done in a day? Well the end has come, and Evernote is your solution. Evernote allows you to keep track of lists, tasks, notes, journals and emails all in one place. You can even share your Evernote files so the next time your assistant asks you for the storage unit code you can point to your shared work list.

Track Expenses With Expensify:

Keeping track of expenses can be an arduous task. With Expensify you can snap a picture of a receipt with your phone and the application will scan it and catalog it into your account. Even more, this app allows for integration with multiple users, so you can submit expenses directly to management for instant approval. No more are the days of spending hours calculating your expense reports by hand– just snap a picture of your receipts along the way and submit them instantly.