Vegas Legal Magazine: On your campaign website, you say that you are running for governor against Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak because he is tearing Nevada apart by his socialist policies. Can you please elaborate on that?

John Lee: Governor (Steve) Sisolak does not include local government officials in the conversation and decision-making process. He issues orders and edicts. No one knows how it works, and (they) distrust how it was done.

The governor needs to communicate in a clear and decisive direction. The only time we heard from him was in general updates from him.

Rural Nevadans feel hopeless. He sent (implied) messages that since the rural (residents) did not support and vote for him, that he does not concern himself with their needs.

The governor is failing in his duty to provide essential services to the rural counties. For example, residents of Battle Mountain (Nevada) don’t have access to a full-service DMV. They have to go to Winnemucca (Nevada) to get their driving tests.

As governor, your job is to make sure all Nevadans receive all the services their tax dollars pay for, and that other entities have access too. Furthermore, as governor, I would not only guarantee that all Nevadans have access to all essential services that the government should provide, but I would (also) strive to modernize and make the services (more) efficient and user friendly.

VLM: In handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Nevada, starting in the spring of 2020, what would you have done differently? Or, what did you agree with Gov. Sisolak on?

JL: I would not have trusted (California Democratic Governor) Gavin Newsom to be my medical director. I would have listened to Nevada experts, along with the national experts, to help learn more about the virus. (I would have learned about) just who were the most vulnerable, and who needed protection the most. I would have worked to protect small businesses. I believe every business is essential to a community – both for their owners and for employees. If Walmart and Target never needed to close at all, we should have done more to let small businesses stay open in some capacity.  

VLM: If there were a substantial rise in COVID cases in Nevada, and you were governor, what kinds of restrictions would you put in place? Would you implement mask mandates, or even full – or partial – shutdowns again?

JL: The first couple of months, we were learning about the concerns of COVID-19. I would not have shut down the rural (counties) until their (COVID-19) case numbers had risen to levels indicating that their medical services were unable to handle them. The state government has spent too much time and money telling Nevadans what they can and cannot do. People should use their own judgement to decide how they want to protect themselves, once accurate information is available.

VLM: You took the helm in North Las Vegas during a recession and oversaw a resurgence in the city. What kind of economic policies would you put in place to get Nevada’s economy back to its pre-pandemic level?

JL: I would diversify the economy by inviting more manufacturing and more non-gaming businesses. The federal government needs to get out of the way, and needs to stop pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and causing massive inflation!  We need to shore up our supply chain and ensure that businesses have access to the workers and materials necessary to carry out their services.

VLM: You are running as a Republican, and many Nevadans in your party are very upset with the law passed in 2020 allowing for massive mail-in ballots, among other things. Would you seek to repeal state laws allowing for mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting in Nevada?

JL: The Democrats and Gov. Sisolak drastically changed the voting processes in Nevada. The voting process needs to be more transparent. The general public does not know how it works, and distrusts how it was done. There should have been an educational video made to show the public how the voting process works, and what happens to their vote after a person (cast their) vote. The Dominion (voting) machines need to prove their security… to inspire confidence from Nevada residents. The voter rolls should be updated annually to ensure only living, proven Nevada citizens can vote.

VLM: Mostly-Democratic lawmakers have increased their calls for “gun control,” including calling for bans on so-called “high-capacity magazines.” Where do you stand on any such ban?

JL: I disagree with the Democrats’ call for more gun control. When I was in the (Nevada) Legislature, I was recognized by the (National Rife Association) for being the national legislator of the year. I will continue to be a strong, consistent supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe in educational programs to train gun owners in the safest ways to use and store firearms.

VLM: What are you plans, if elected governor of Nevada, to address the critical water shortage in Nevada?

JL: Nevada needs to continue to work with its neighboring states of California and Arizona to protect this valuable resource. We need to find new long-term solutions such as desalinization plants. Also, (we need to) find more ways to remove non-functional turf, and (develop) below-ground water solutions.

Valerie Miller is an award-winning Las Vegas-based journalist. She can be reached at or (702) 683-3986.