Vincent Mayo, Esq.

Vincent MayoVincent Mayo, Esq.

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Family Law

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What type of law you practice and why did you gravitate toward it?

I specialize in Family Law, which includes everything from divorces and premarital contracts to custody matters and guardianship cases. I first got into family law when I accepted a position as a law clerk to then Judge O’Malley at Family Court. However, my love for family law really grew from the dynamic aspects of family law. Being a Family Law attorney offers me the opportunity to represent clients in court, draft marital contracts, provide mediation services, etc. As a result, my practice is always challenging. I also enjoy helping people through what is often the most difficult times of their lives.

Do you have a personal code or goal as a practicing attorney?

I would say that my code is to provide leadership to clients while ensuring my services are goal oriented. Litigants going through divorces or custody cases are often wrecked with emotions that can cause them to forget what’s important. I want to provide every client my best advice and manage client expectations in order to help lead them through the uncertainty and confusion that comes with divorces and custody disputes. At the same time, I’m equally committed to avoiding unnecessary litigation and fees by focusing on the most efficient way to accomplish my client’s goals…thereby not losing the forest for the trees.

Is there a recent case that was especially challenging or rewarding?

A recent challenging but rewarding case involved a high net worth divorce. The client was concerned that his wife’s animosity toward him would result in the case dragging on for years, destroying his business in the process. However, I was able to quickly discuss the matter with the opposing counsel, minimize the emotional turmoil that existed between the parties and work out a favorable settlement for my client.