Butchered Meats, Seafood & Cocktails

-By Tyler Morgan

Cleaver, the newest steakhouse in Las Vegas is an absolute hit! It should be expected though coming from the creators of Herbs & Rye. But this is no replica of a Las Vegas staple in a new location. No, Cleaver is the fancy stylish brother of the hip cool Herbs & Rye. At Cleaver, steak and craft cocktails still reign supreme, but the scales are slightly tilted toward the kitchen. The menu is as delicious as it is creative. Starters range from charred bone marrow and foie gras to classics like steak tartar and calamari. But, the starter of choice is a Cleaver favorite– squid ink pasta served as chef Mariano Ochoa’s twist on pasta carbonara. But, the focus at Cleaver is on the steaks. Large sizzling steaks exit the kitchen all night. From the 14oz new york strip to the tomahawk ribeye, I thought I saw it all. That was until I saw the 120oz Cleaver ribeye. And if the selection of steaks wasn’t exciting enough, you’ll enjoy the selection of enhancements. Diners can choose from a plethora of additions, crusts, rubs, butters and sauces. The red wine glaze sauce is our favorite.

As for cocktails you’ll find classics like the Manhattan and the Pimm’s Cup, but the fun is in trying the not so well-known cocktails that might turn your dinner plans into a drinking adventure. Try the Porn Star Martini or the Polynesian Pearl Diver. Cleaver is the perfect blend of bar and restaurant. The bar and its tenders are top notch and the restaurant is a classy setting that caters to all our carnivorous desires. Oh, and that happy hour you know and love at Herbs & Rye? Cleaver has it too!