Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize everything? Well, in case you didn’t know or forgot, you actually can! We currently live in a world where fast food, fast fashion, technology, online shopping and, NFTs are the new normal. The main culprit:  Technology. Tech has changed the way consumers experience shopping. Instacart allows you to choose your grocery items on an app; and you can truly find pretty much anything on Amazon. There are, however, several industries out there that are devoted to providing luxury experiences and custom experiences.  They are willing to make the consumers dreams of specificities come true. 

First, let’s define custom. What does custom actually mean? Custom simply put: made to order for a particular customer. Everyone deserves to have a custom experience. Does it take time? Yes, you need to be open to devoting several hours of consultations, education, collaboration, and modifications. You will also need to be patient as the custom process takes months to complete. You also need to approach the custom process with an open mind. There may be bumps in the road with unexpected delays and several attempts to get it just right. This is the essence and beauty of the custom process. All good things take time. 

Custom essentials: FFF Fashion, Fragrance, and Fine Art

The art of fragrance making is something that everyone needs to experience at least once. Fragrance is unseen art and is the final step in being well rounded from head to toe. It is a powerful tool used to express individuality and personality. It evokes feelings and is a catalyst in creating memories when associated with particular scents.  Perfume is thousands of years old, with evidence of the first perfumes dating to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Cyprus. Fast forward to 1921, the world was introduced to the house of CHANEL’s iconic fragrance, no. 5. This fragrance changed the face of the fragrance industry and is the reason why we see so many fashion houses with their own proprietary fragrances. 

Creating your own custom fragrance is made impressively unique at MACEOO’s flagship store at the Aria Hotel and casino.  The Bespoke fragrance bar is conveniently located in the middle of the 6000-sqft showroom. After you have booked an appointment you will have a pre-consultation to discuss your fragrance goals and what is in your rotation. On the day of your appointment your perfumer will walk you through the process. You have over 100 unique blends of notes to choose from. These unique blends consist of floral, sweet, fruit, oud, wood, amber, vanilla, citrus, and musk notes. Specific blends will already be set aside based off of the pre-consultation. Now, the magic begins. Scent sticks are used to start the process of creating your formula. You are immediately romanticized by this custom experience. Once the notes have been finalized your perfumer will do the chemistry in front of you and will then add the notes to the bottle followed by the sealing of the bottle. If a client wants to take the process a step further; Maceoo will have their in house artist add art to your bottle. 


The art of tailored clothing and custom clothing is a must have for every man (and woman). A majority of today’s men wear prêt-à-porter (also known as ready to wear) clothing that is mass-produced in factories. In fact, studies show that a very small minority of men experience and dress in custom clothing. Hundreds of years ago most garments were handmade by tailors. During the late 1840s in Mayfair, London Henry Poole was the first bespoke tailor to arrive on the infamous Savile Row. Throughout the Victorian age and the 20th century, Savile Row shifted from residential to primarily a street filled with bespoke tailors and very high profile clients ranging from royalty to literary scholars and celebrities. 

Currently, there are luxury retailers around the world who have custom clothing offerings. MACEOO Aria’s custom clothing experience is a cut above the rest. When you book your appointment you will have access to their speak easy VIP design room. Behind the mirrored door you are greeted with an explosion of color and opulence. Pre-consultation, an introduction to luxury textiles from Italy, and design are all a part of your appointment. Head to toe measurements are taken followed by a styling session. After the measurements are taken you head back to the VIP room where you can digitally design your garments on their movie theater sized LED screen. You are truly your own designer and you are not at the mercy of what is hanging on the shelves. Two to three months later you will have your first fitting to make sure you’re happy with your garment. Any adjustments made by their master tailor will be adjusted on your digital file.

Fine Art

Finally, fine art is interpreted differently than fragrance and suiting. We all have our own perspective on an abstract piece and on many other types of art. Often times, we are confused and overwhelmed with trying to figure out the meaning of a painting. This truly defeats the purpose of art. You can change that by commissioning an artist to create a custom painting (or whichever type of art you are interested in). When you commission an artist you have some control over your wants and needs and can express that to the artist. Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, commissioned Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper in 1494. Later, Andy Warhol helped introduce art commissions into the mainstream. Throughout the 1960s, famous icons, such as Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor, sought out collaborations with the Pop Art legend. 

Do research and choose your artist wisely. This is a very special acquisition and enjoying it should be a top priority. Establish what you want and be sure that your artist is comfortable with your specific request. Stay in close contact with your artist and make sure to follow his/her progress to ensure they are creating the perfect piece of art for you and your loved ones. 

Donate that old suit, move that bottle of fragrance to the side, and take that poster off of your wall and make room for your new custom gifts!