-By Don Logay, What’s New Guru

As “What’s New Guru” I attend numerous trade shows and check out lots of magazines and trade publications looking for new and exciting products, intriguing concepts and “gotta have” gadgets that make life just a little bit better.

Here’s one of the latest new cutting-edge uses for virtual reality I found that’ll have you sketching dreams on napkins… and “living” that dream in just a matter of days.

Planning to build a new multi-million dollar mansion… or a lavish waterfront getaway on a secluded white sand beach? While it could take as much as a year or more to complete construction, today you can be walking through your new dream residence – room-by-room and experiencing what is to come in incredible detail – in less than two weeks from when your ideas first begin.

Unlike 3D Virtual Realty tours for “existing” spaces, Simonson Design Studios is a leader in producing fully immersive Virtual Reality walk-throughs of what is yet to be built way before plans are drawn up or the first shovel of dirt is turned.

Starting with an Architect or Builder’s initial CAD drawing, or a just simple rough sketch of a floor plan (“yes, even on a napkin”), Simonson graphic designers can quickly develop a fully immersive Virtual Reality walk-through of a project – in just a matter of days – along with a vast array of supporting visualizations, from Augmented Reality views, showing the project on one’s actual property, to detailed color Renderings (as seen here) and Sunlight Studies, showing natural illumination at different times of day… to name but a few.

Until a few weeks ago, this dramatic 15,000 sq. ft. private residence, designed by award-winning Las Vegas Architect, Richard Luke, existed only in concept. Yet, the owners were able to experience every exciting detail while it was still being planned, well before blueprints were finalized or construction was scheduled to begin and certainly long before completion.

As of this writing, the contract has been awarded, blueprints have been finalized and ground has just been broken to begin construction. Architect Luke however, has also just added one more hi-tech feature. He has included full 3D interior design for each room that shows every item, fabric and color in exact detail and placement, and the client will again have the ability to navigate and “walk through” every room in virtual reality… seeing, experiencing and approving everything from the actual chairs and lamps to pictures on the wall as it will actually appear when the home is completed and fully furnished.

“The virtual reality experience created by the Simonson Group and our 3D interior planning takes my designs to a new level,” notes Luke. “By completely immersing my clients in their project and helping them to feel and experience their home in a totally new and exciting way, they see both the interior and exterior from a totally different and immersive perspective… and the experience gives them a deeper connection with their project”

Dreams of a luxurious multi-million dollar mansion… or a lavish waterfront getaway on a secluded white sand beach? Live your dream project today.

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Don Logay is an award-winning journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of three national magazines. In addition to articles for numerous publications, he also writes tips for homeowners heard daily on hundreds of radio stations nationwide. Contact dlogay@whatsnewguru.com .