-By Rick Nelson

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A diamond in a sea of sameness.

There probably isn’t a better way to describe the 2018 Jaguar XJ sedan. These days, the large luxury segment is crowded with many great vehicles, but no one can say that any one of them is truly remarkable. That is, until your eyes come upon the breathtaking 2018 Jaguar XJ.

From the outside, your breath is taken away by the beautiful modern British body sculpting. Underneath the glossy paint is an aircraft-grade monocoque aluminum structure that is not only light weight but extremely safe. This type of build also adds improvements to mileage and enhances the driving experience for a more nimble and quieter ride than its steel competitors.

As for the interior, any Anglophile will be brought to tears with the XJ’s hand stitched premium leather and chrome finishes. Those hot Las Vegas summer days in July just got a lot easier to drive through because the Jaguar XJ will have you engulfed in style and class with chrome air conditioning vents covered in condensation keeping you cooled in the hottest of heat. Imagine for a moment your cooled hands gripping the leather steering wheel while you smile driving through the desert in perfect comfort and luxury, isolated from everything just enough to want to stay in the car all day. Your only disappointment will come when you realize you’re just minutes away from home and have to put her away for the day. Driving will never be the same once you’ve gotten behind the wheel of the 2018 Jaguar XJ.