Sam Mirejovsky

Tony Jones

Heather Harris

Reuben D’Silva

VLM interviews Reuben D’Silva, candidate for US Congress District 1. Reuben’s campaign refuses to accept funds from special interest groups and corporate donors unlike his adversary Dina Titus. We discuss his time serving in Iraq as well as what distinguishes him from other politicians.

Nevada Courts Plea Negotiations

The Vegas Legal Magazine Podcast with your hosts, Mark Fierro and Vegas Legal Magazine publisher Tyler Morgan, VP of Fierro Communications, Inc. Jeff Haney, interview nationally respected attorney Dominic Gentile from Las Vegas about one of the most stunning plea negotiations from the Nevada courts.

Evan Dickson of NSDC


Saving Sandoval

Great interview for Vegas Legal Magazine with attorney Craig Drummond. We discuss his book Saving Sandoval about a sniper charged with murder while performing his duties as a soldier.

Meltdown On Repeal Of Obamacare

Senator Segerblom

VLM sits down with Senator Segerblom.

Weed Tours

Vegas Legal Magazine talks about Project Weed Tours in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special Guests: John Mueller owner of Acres Cannabis & Michael Stevens owner of Highway Tours.

Clarkson Law Group – HOA’s

Vegas Legal Magazine sits down with Adam Clarkson of the Clarkson Law Group to discuss HOA’s.

Recreational Marijuana

VLM discusses the cannabis industry with Neal Gidvani, Senior Counsel in the Financial Services and Cannabis Law practices at Greenspoon…

Full Micropigmentation

VLM Sits down with the CEO of Full Micropigmentation, Joe Barghi

The U.S. v $167,000.00

We shine light on an issue where cash can become guilty even when the person holding it isn’t. Special Guest:…

Honorable Donald M. Mosley

Vegas Legal Magazine sits down with Honorable Donald M Mosley.

Plastic Surgery

VLM sits down with one of the best plastic surgeons on the West Coast, Dr. Julio Garcia. Download our podcasts…


Eva Garcia-Mendoza, Esq. joins Vegas Legal Magazine to discuss one of the most controversial topics in law, immigration.