-By Rick Nelson

“Mud and Caviar” are two words that are seldom used in the same sentence. But no other expression is more fitting to describe the 2019 Range Rover Velar.

Introduced last year, it is a dream on the eyes. This, affectionately is the caviar part. Surrounded by opulent leather and optional wood trim, the luxurious isolation for the outside is simply incredible. For those wishing for greener faire, there is optional Premium Textile seating surfaces and other renewable finishes.

On the “mud” side you can expect as standard equipment the best off-road capability in its class with optional air height adjustable suspension and the system known as “Terrain Response” (standard), which essentially adapts itself to conquer the harshest road conditions imaginable.

Aside from the “mud and caviar” balance, the vehicle is full of the latest technology, bringing further comfort, safety and convenience.

The standard InControl Touch Pro Duo is a two-screen infotainment system. It is made up of an upper screen where the most important data is available to the driver, such as Navigation, cell phone, and music source. The bottom screen right behind the shifter is the interface for the climate control, climate seating adjustments, the Terrain Response info and other items that are typically used less often. Also offered is a heads-up display and other advanced driving aids.

Perhaps “Mud and Caviar” should be used in the same sentence…

For more information please contact Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas at 702-579-0400 or online at JLRLV.COM.