The Inside Tip With John Tippins

The Nuance of Networking and Why It Matters

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Whether your business revolves around referrals or sales, you can’t overlook the importance of networking. The most successful business owners are the ones who establish lasting personal relationships with those they work with, and it starts by learning how to cultivate your opportunities. So, in this installment of The Inside Tip, I discuss networking.  

Get out and socialize.

In order to get more clients (or customers) you need to get in front of more people. No one will know your brand or what you provide if you don’t get out and network. Luckily, Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World and there is a plethora of networking events and parties to attend where you can better network—and enjoy a cocktail or two while you’re at it.

Always follow through.

All the networking in the world can’t help you if you don’t follow through. Collect business cards whenever possible and take a moment the next morning to send out emails to each person you met (or at least the ones who may benefit your life) and let each of them know it was a pleasure to meet them. And don’t hesitate to offer to have lunch in the near future so you can resume your conversation in more detail.

Everyone loves a catered meal.

A great way to get past the gatekeeper at every office—and to also learn who the top decision makers are—is to cater lunches for offices. It’s hard to turn down a free meal, especially when it’s brought directly to you. So each month, set up at least one day when you will cater a lunch to the staff of an office you are trying to work with. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take care of the offices you are already well connected to.

Tune up your dating skills.

When you’ve found the right person with whom you most want to establish a business relationship, treat the process like you would a date. Most professionals prefer to work with people they can relate to and enjoy socializing with. So, study up on their interests and use it to your advantage. They like golf? Invite him or her out for a round of 18. You’ll have a much better chance to connect and talk a little business if you’re both enjoying an activity you enjoy.

John Tippins is the CEO of Northcap, owner, operator and listing brokerage for over 2,000 distinct high-rise and mid-rise units in Las Vegas including The Ogden, Juhl, Palms Place Condo Hotel & Spa. 

The Inside Tip With John Tippins.