Andiamo 2


-By Tara Woodall

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Not many spots in Vegas represent old school Vegas. It’s a lost art, really. Sure, there are amazing venues Downtown like Atomic Liquors, Sin City’s oldest freestanding bar; Binion’s, a Fremont classic; and the pink interior of the Peppermill does a great job of honoring that good ol’ Vegas sparkle…but nowhere continues the tradition of old classic Vegas.


Oaky finishes, dim lighting and pristinely white tablecloths set against tall black leather quilted seats set the scene at Andiamo’s Italian Steakhouse, one of the few places left that gives off that “Is that Ol’ Blue Eyes sitting next to me?” vibe. Although Franky S. himself may not be there, celebrities from all walks of the industry have been spotted partaking in the restaurant’s signature flavors, including WWE icon Bill Goldberg, actor Chris McKenna and New England Patriot’s cornerback, Malcolm Butler.

Brought to Glitter Gulch on the premise of Joe Vicari’s award-winning Detroit restaurant group and its philosophy that the freshest ingredients, prepared daily from scratch, is the only way to run a kitchen, hungry patrons can enjoy a variety of signature dishes like the white truffle whipped potatoes or the popular and ever-so-classy, table-side Caesar salad.

But let’s get down to what the steakhouse is really all about… hardy, fine cut steaks.

Graded to be in the top 8 percent of all beef in the United States, each cut requires a minimum 30-day aging method that produces its signature tenderness. (Basically, these steaks will actually melt in your mouth.) The selection of cuts range anywhere from a traditional filet to a sizzling NY strip to a premium porterhouse and beyond…including the Tomahawk: a long-bone, 32-ounce rib-eye cut, charred to absolute perfection.

Hungry yet? Wait until you hear about the pasta…can you say “handmade?” Paying homage to Chef Aldo, Andiamo’s recipe mastermind and the must-have Italian influence that has served the restaurant and old Vegas so well since The Rat Pack was the lounge act of choice, the restaurant makes each perfectly doughy strip of flour and yeast by hand. With dishes like lobster risotto, potato gnocchi, Tortellaci Guiseppe, and agnolotti filled with ground veal, spinach, mascarpone creme, black truffle, wild mushrooms, and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, you will leave wondering what you’ve been doing the last several years of your pasta-eating life. We promise.

Now that you we’ve filled your dreams full of rib-eye and dancing gnocchi, head down to The D Las Vegas, and straight into Andiamo’s doors. They’re open nightly from 5-11 p.m.


Andiamo, The D Las Vegas, 301 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101, 702.388.2220

Tara Woodall is a California native turned UNLV alum. Just as in her real life, her writing is consumed by any restaurant offering a fried egg burger and authentically divey dive-bars. She appreciates venues that stay true to themselves and what they set out to do. You can find Tara concocting her own creations in her homemade apartment bar or out in the city behind the lens of her camera.