Land Rover Goes Eco-Friendly

By Rick Nelson

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Today, the green in Land Rover’s oval isn’t just a pretty color but represents Land Rover’s heading toward environmental consciousness. In the last 20 years, the company’s average miles-per-gallon across the product line has increased 69 percent. And not only are Land Rover drivers going farther than ever in their vehicles, but they are getting there cleaner, as well. From using recycled, ultra- lightweight, aircraft-quality strength in some models to save weight, to use more sustainable materials like natural rubber and recycled plastics in the manufacturing process, models like the Range Rover Evoque are more than 85 percent re-usable.

Being green isn’t only about the vehicles, but about how (and where) they are manufactured. Land Rover factories in England have a goal of reducing their carbon footprints by 30 percent compared to 2007 levels and are already on their way: There has already been a 23 percent reduction in the energy needed to produce one vehicle thanks to installing solar panels on the rooftops, using wind power, and finding ways to naturally cool of one of its data centers. Today, 100 percent of all of Land Rover’s manufacturing emissions is set by other sustainable projects.

Locally, Land Rover Las Vegas is doing its part, too, making choices like using LED lighting outside and high-efficiency lighting and ventilation inside. To save water- a precious resource here in the desert and especially now, with Lake Mead at historically low levels- the dealership cleans customer vehicles at an off-site car wash that uses recycle water. It’s one more way in which Land Rover Las Vegas feels that from global to local, Land Rover is still figuratively (and literally) paving the way… only now, the path seems a lot more grassy.

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Land Rover Goes Eco-Friendly.